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Joy Anisa

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Life Training

Identity Crisis:
Moving from Crisis to Credibility

with Marnie & Joy Anisa

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June 3, 2015
3-4 PM Central Time

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During this hour you'll discover:

  1. The surprising spiritual position that can change everything.
  2. How to identify who’s safe vs. those who cannot be trusted when your soul is in crisis.
  3. How to know the difference between being intentionally silent, often a wise thing, and hiding your pain.
  4. What to do when life seems to move too fast for you to find time to be still to process your situation with God.
  5. How to learn to trust the ONE who made you emotional when you can’t trust your own emotions
  6. Understanding how to journey in peace through the frequent occurrence of being judged by others.
  7. What to do when others don’t agree with the process or become impatient with your progress.
  8. Uncovering and embracing the purpose in the pain.

Joy Anisa lives with her family in the breathtaking mountains of western North Carolina. She brings a message of freedom and peace to women through her speaking and writing. Learn more at 


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