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Kathy Carlton Willis

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Speaker Training

Steps to Getting the "Yes!"

with Marnie &

Kathy Carlton Willis

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March 11, 2015
3-4 PM Central Time

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During this hour with Marnie and Kathy Carlton Willis you'll discover:

  1. Why planners need so many “touches” before they’ll book you.
  2. Seven yes-getting techniques that work smart, not hard.
  3. How to trigger that mysterious ripple effect.
  4. How to create name recognition with your target audiences.
  5. Preventing the frostbite of cold contacts by thawing out your connections.
  6. Some strategies that work for the not-so-techie speaker.
  7. How to increase exposure with your target audiences

Kathy Carlton Willis enjoys fiddling with words as writer's coach and marketing pro at KCW Communications. She has been in the Christian literary industry since 2001, and coaches writers through WordGirls, which she co-founded. Kathy’s published in multiple books, magazines and online publications. Her speaker column can be read in Christian Communicator. She gets jazzed inspiring others to have their own light bulb moments. Kathy shines, whether she's shining the light on writers and speakers, or dazzling audiences during her speaking events. Look for her books Speaker to Speaker: Companion, and Grin with Grace, March 2015. Learn more about Kathy and her services at 

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