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Rita Schulte

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Finding Hope and Healing
Through the Losses of Life

 with Marnie & Rita Schulte

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October 1, 2014
3-4 PM Central Time

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During this hour with Marnie and guest, Rita Schulte, you'll discover:


1.  The healing power of “The Art of Noticing” – what it is and how it helps.

2.  The difference between real and abstract losses and why it’s important. 

3.  How the losses of life affect us at the heart level. 

4. Why brokenness is a necessary part of our lives and how to change our perspective on suffering and loss. 

5. What can happen to our relationship with God after we experienced loss. 

6. The roadblocks to grieving, identifying loss, and more. 

7. How to deal with anger and forgiveness as they apply to processing loss. 

8. How to actually recover from the losses of life.


Rita Schulte is a licensed professional counselor with a B.S. in Psychology and Masters degree in Counseling from Liberty University. She is also a conference speaker, author, and host of Heart and Mind Minute. A sixty- second spot designed to challenge listeners to consider their lives through the lens of God’s truth. Her book Shattered: Finding Hope and Healing through the losses of life. Learn more at



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