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Emma Soy

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WM Training
Bridging the Gap
Between Older & Younger Women

 with Marnie & Emma Soy

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October 29, 2014
3-4 PM Central Time

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During this hour and special guest, Emma Soy, you'll discover:

  1. Potential benefits you’ll enjoy when your’ Women’s Ministries chooses to include women in the various stages of life.
  2. Some of the challenges you will face along the way.
  3. The first step toward building a multigenerational Women’s Ministry in your church.
  4. What keeps women in the church disconnected from Women’s Ministry and how to inspire them to actively participate.
  5. Why you must clarify the purpose of your Women’s Ministry first and how this impacts the overall church community.
  6. How to create a special bond among your women while directly supporting the mission and vision of your church.

Author, speaker and ministry leader, Emma Soy, is passionate about healing the hearts and souls of the sick. A registered nurse of 20 years, as well as an ordained minister, Emma thrives when nurturing others. A WM pioneer at her own church, Emma is also the Founder of Women Seeking the Father Ministry. Learn more at


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