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Susan VandePol

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How to Help
a Greiving Family

with Marnie & Susan VandePol

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January 28, 2015
3-3:30 PM Central Time

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Join Marnie and special guest speaker Susan VandePol as they discuss:


1. The dynamics of loss and grief: How it differs from one scenario to the another.

2. Why we, even if we are close friends, or have been affected by a similar loss, are often reluctant to face into the grief of others with them.

3. Some common warning signs of unhealthy grief.

4. What the Bible commands Christians to do for the grieving.

5. How to traverse the challenging waters of being sympathetic without pretending to understand their precise pain.


Susan VandePol founded the “Families of the Fallen” protocol after the dutyrelated death of her husband. It is being used across the country and endorsed by experts. Susan is a speaker and author, is certified in Grief, Crisis, & Trauma Counseling, Grief Coaching, Victim Response, Mediation & Master Life Coaching. Learn more at


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